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Mark Koigi

Trying to tell a joke for me is like playing golf on a humid day with no glasses. I can’t even play golf. It’s a bit sad especially when we live in an age where memes are generated every few seconds. Feels like an incapacity.
Today I get to feature someone who doesn’t really struggle with jokes. A social introvert and most importantly the one of the few people who thought my few tries were funny. Maybe the only person and for that he gets an extra paragraph for choosing to laugh at my joke.
A couple of months ago when NEMA decided no plastics,memes rattled the media at an average of a couple of memes per second. It was insane. Then I’d keep thinking, ‘I could have come up with that meme’ each time I saw one. (we all feel thatsometimes)  I went to my twitter, started typing, deleted the tweet, typed again, almost deleted it, proof read, decided not to put emojis (since we all know memes with emojis end up being not so funny) then I posted it. No favorite, no retweet so I run up Koigi’s whatsapp and he assured me it was funny and should be trending.
He was probably being a good friend so that my feelings aren’t hurt, but they kinda were because twitter can be such a tough crowd. I’d like to think I’m friends with Koigi because he was my favorite person in the Vines of Africa crew. I can’t tell you how amazed I was when I met him in flesh and blood. My snapchat was booming. I had thought of seeing if I could get the CEO of the group, but that’s an unanswered DM somewhere. We still thank God right?
Without further ado, I give you Koigi! (please picture a Churchill show entrance then click here for my favorite vine from him)
It’s not difficult to understand why Koigi is in the comedy industry since he loves making someone’s day. ‘Sharing my stupidity in the world’ he says. That ends up being a win-win. If you’re happy, he’s happy and his instagram really can brighten your day.
I’m definitely putting a question on how to get into the industry, partly because of my twitter fail, but also for those who want to join the comedy industry. He says ‘believe in yourself and just start. Own your craft and you’ll slowly build an audience that adores your craft.’ Which he agreeable points out, ‘you can’t make everyone laugh, but at least you tried.’ I can’t help but feel that this statement was meant to console me.
Even beds of roses have thorns and Koigi says he hit a rough patch with Vines of Africa where after a few disagreements he went solo. That being alone takes you back, ‘leaving to start again’ knowing how big the brand has become over the years. However he takes it as a thrilling experience altogether with no bad blood with the group.
Koigi admits that he admires the homegrown talent Kenyans have which he is a part of; ‘the beautiful scenery to the humble communities unique in  their own ways.’ He talks of what people do that amaze him and moving forward points out Lupita’s role as Nakia in Black Panther and the amazing job she did being Kenyan.
I ask who inspires him in the industry, he chuckles saying he spends most of his time on Social Media before citing well established viners such as Anwar Jibawi,Rudy Mancuso, Innana Sarkis, Lele Pons,King Bach  and also the upcoming ones like Juhan Jones, King Vader, Cornell. They have owned the art in their own unique way that i really admire. I hope to be like them one day.’ I ask if he has a mentor and he says his parents are at the moment because they want him to use his abilities to benefit himself ‘so if it means be an idiot to get money so be it’ in between laughs. He also identifies with King Vader being one of his best viner. ‘he has these motivational videos that I watch when I feel things are getting tough and it gets me back up in a second.’
Before I know his 5 year vision I feel the need to know him outside the vines. ‘I am a lovable character that’s very jovial around guys and always want to be my best self for others before even myself.’ He also points out he’s an avid gamer who loves a challenge every now and then. Finally he is human because he has his moments where he needs to shut down to recharge the social batteries.
I’m anxious to know if the industry is sustainable, ‘yeap it is very sustainable, you just have to strive until your big break then everything will go well. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel and I assure you your hard work will pay off’ In this light he attributes his greatest achievement as having a chance to make videos with superstar Avril. ‘Also being able to be noticed enough by brands to their products’. His biggest achievement however is being able to make someone laugh. ‘ It is so humbling when a fan walks up to you and says “You guy, you make my days on IG!”. That’s all i want for my fans.’
5 years from now? ‘I see myself with a huge supportive team of creatives in a production company.Coming up with not only funny things but have a variety of things even movies that could possible win Oscars someday. Also great content for companies.’
And it will be worth all this.
He says gives a worthy conclusion ‘find something you’re good at and good support and you will prosper.’


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