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Café Javas

I got to know about Cafe Javas popularly known as CJ’s last year when the Business Daily wrote about the ongoing trademark war between them and The Nairobi Java House. The back story is that CJ’s sued Nairobi Java House because of the common use of the term Java, which was argued to cause confusion between the two. The court however ruled it wasn’t likely for anyone to confuse them.

After the article surfaced and the new branch opened, Nairobians, being who we are, flocked the restaurant with majority of the up-town business community there. Why?


Nairobi Java House is bae. The boyfriend you’ve been with who has shown you love and affection and massages your feet after a long day. But Café Javas? It is the colleague at work your friends warn you about. He doesn’t hold back on reminding you you’re beautiful and smiling when you meet on the elevator. He knows you are just friends. However, he has the lean body, fancy accent and is a bit too well spoken, deep coffee brown eyes that make your ovaries smile and arms that can lift you effortlessly like the queen that you are. It is a fatal attraction. The kind that you know you really shouldn’t.

What I love most is the ambience. When I went there a few days after opening I would outrightly say it was infatuation at first sight. The greenery at the Koinange Street branch has you feeling like you’re on the outside, only without the Nairobi sun and with proper air conditioning. The interior design team really thought it through and Mandela Group of Companies have an eye for business.

Before we get too excited about this banch however, you need to see the Village Market branch. It gets better, I promise. Definitely a sight for sore eyes. The photo of the entrance is available here just to give you a glimpse. And with these two branches being as wonderful as they are, I hear there might soon be a third, at the Waterfront in Karen!

The best part for all foodies is that expectations and reality do actually match. The beautiful pictures on the menu are the same as what ends up on your plate. This alone is such a big win because we all know how bad false advertising in the food market can be.

Café Javas is Ugandan but has done impeccably well in the Kenyan market. I’d say it’s because of one super power, Large Food Portions! Kenyans resonate with food and once you are true to your portions we will love you. I had lunch with the girls the other day and we all carried some of the food home. Their packaging is everything. Having eaten there before and diligently read reviews before I went back I can say I was very excited about the bag I carried home. It this very cute green bag that has a character of its own.IMG_5749

The set up of the Koinange Branch is fantastic for family, friends and even business meetings. The seats are designed in a way that makes it very versatile for different groups. This being an explore post, I’ll talk more on food and drinks on my Instagram later this week, tap here, follow and turn on post notifications to make sure you don’t miss out!

Remember to stay happy.



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