of backpacks and sling bags

So I have been obsessing about bus rides on my Facebook for a while now and today I’ll come out clean, I love bus rides!

I know, why does she love bus rides, everyone her age wants to own a car! I know world,,, I do, maybe I want a car, just not yet, you can show me this post when I have one but for now ,I haven’t even gone to driving school, reason, weeelll, I really don’t know. If you ask me i’ll say i’m scared of driving but that an old excuse.

Anyway, today I was on a on a KBS on my usual Mbagathi route just before traffic kicked in and people fell into oblivious trances of sleep, and despite half the time laughing uncontrollably with a friend of mine I managed to snoop a bit as is custom.

Not really custom, more like being aware of your environment checking out people’s clothes and everything and picking out a word or two from a corner to the other.

So, there were these two guys in the seat opposite us (who I highly assume are in my school just an year behind me) having a conversation through the drive.

One looked like a Samuel, the ย one next to the window, having hair neatly combed, shirt well starched and pressed despite the afternoon, Calvin Klein watch locked to his hand and a handsome shave.

The other a Christopher maybe, had this air of sophistication but seemingly tried too hard, his arms pumped with muscle, vans on sight and a firm look as if he could see in between the air molecules into the future.

What struck me is that in their conversation they seemed to want to be the other, Samuel felt Christopher was cooler from his meek approach to the conversation and Christopher thought Samuel’s laptop bag should be his for a week since sling bags are so overrated.

in their eyes they were inadequate and the other was complete, perfect, whole…

It got me counting the number of times I’ve wanted to be one of my friends, when I wanted something they ย had and wondered why they would even want something I owned. If I let a friend of mine write this he’d probably use the phrase ‘sell yourself short’ over and over this article.

Some of us struggle to feel we belong but don’t see how


You are someone else’s backpack when all they have is a sling bag.



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