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I want you to stay – glynismaina
Thoughts of a 90's child

I want you to stay

I got a comment on my post last year, the one I asked ladies what kind of guy they would date, if you missed it I’ll put the link down below.

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The guy said, ” I met my love last year. Happily married now. We weren’t long time friends nor childhood friends. But now we are. When I met her I knew she was different from the many girls I have dated. We got mutual feelings so I never let her go, same case her.
I died, literally, I mean first thank God people actually read this blog, and secondly, he never let go and neither did she.
It’s been a minute since I did a love post, so here goes.
I don’t know who this wonderful person is, but its rare today to get someone willing to go the extra mile and actually stay, someone who will be there in the ups and downs, in the wars of relationships.
I posted something on my Facebook (that I stole from someone else) from the Huffington post that talked about how relationships today are for show and we all want some guy or lady for others to know, how we’d rather have coffee than actually go on a date. (I’ll put the link below) I’m not advocating for any rush into relationships, noooo…. noooo… noooo, that’s a mistake too grave, a mistake no heart needs to suffer. But when you agree to get into one, or are in one, own it, don’t be forced or bullied to loving someone because he’s tall and slender or because he thinks you were meant to be together.
Heck don’t fall in love with all these material things we all want today, oh the car, the house, the money, I don’t think that’s how it works, in my experience (using the term very loosely) it doesn’t, because in it all you’ll meet the person’s soul, his mind, his heart, and there you have to decide if this is the kind of person you want to be with. If with them you can take everything that comes your way.
It’s not that easy.
It actually isn’t, staying loyal to that one person who you’ve given your heart, staying when everything is falling apart, picking them up when they are completely broken and

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making sure they are able to see life in the amazing color that it is.
Making them realize it’s okay to be broken, since broken crayons still color. That in the end you are willing to go through life with them.
If I were to give my input, take time, don’t put your heart out there in search for something that will unimaginably break you, and when it feels so right, stay, stay for the beautiful friendship you’ve cultivated, because in the end friendship does come before love takes over.
Stay and be different, don’t stay for the money, sex, fame or whatever messed up thing we stay for today. Stay for the person who you saw that first day they let in the chambers of their heart.
I know a number of very amazing people who were left by their boyfriends or girlfriends because of things I’d term petty, not that we haven’t all been stupid enough to fall short, but some things I can’t really understand. And just like that you break a person beyond repair, you kill the wonderful chance someone else would have had with them. It is kind of selfish really, but subject to review, I think, because we all have our reasons.
In the end if you can’t stay, leave before it’s too late, before you blow out the candle of life in a person.
Or before taking part in a mess you aren’t ready for, take time before you get into a relationship, those things aren’t made out of candy you know!
Have a good evening☺
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Special thank to rickinritchie your comment gave this article life.


  • rickinritchie

    you are welcome @glynismaina. It is surprisingly how we people grew up handling issues differently. Some solve a problem by running away from them, others take the problems as challenge and take that opportunity to learn. We have optimist people and pessimists ppo, all in all one should know his/her position. A friend of mine who is also married, always say this is not the high time to dump or divorce someone who has stayed in your life for just miner issue. lol..cz challenges are there to test our patience n strength. People just complicate things to look worse than they actually are. Relationships are not hard n life is not either. It depends on how we make it.

  • Freddie K

    ‘Broken crayons still colour’… I love that statement. Even if one feels or thinks they are broken and not worthy, they are the moon and stars to someone out there. Love the piece!!!

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