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Letters: Mothers & Daughters

A few weeks ago, specifically on the 7th of March 2020, I had the pleasure of attending my first book launch, featuring the compiled works of amazing women put together by Susan Wakhungu-Githuku. The launch was an opportunity for families to come together and celebrate the amazing relationship that exists between mothers and daughters. It definitely wasn’t a usual get together, I mean Kenyans love a good party and everyone dressed the part. The theme, Ascot High Tea.

The books are a two part series, part one is: A Letter to My Mother from Your Daughter and part two is: A Letter to My Daughter from Your Mother. I’m passionate about this book since I was one of the contributors who wrote a letter to my lovely mother who I attended the launch with.


Before I delve into the books, the launch was hosted by Caroline Mutoko. I cannot express the honor of standing among such amazing women and how easy it is too feel small. One thing that I was reminded of on this beautiful day was that we have been living a major lie, that as women we are our worst enemies. If we were so terrible then how could women come together and put their stories in this book? How can we decide to share our pain, our joys and life’s pursuits without jumping at each other as we are portrayed to? In an audience that made it very easy to feel small I had the chance to speak on a panel of accomplished women and have a voice despite age, experience or dare I say race. An opportunity I believe was heaven sent.

Image courtesy of Footprints Press

What stands out about the letters isn’t just that they are letters from mothers or daughters. It’s the raw emotion therein. The vulnerability of the women in this book is breathtaking. The contributors allowed themselves to be honest about marriage, divorce, growth, careers, child bearing, rape and a multitude of themes. It isn’t all roses and daisies in the letters. It is a clear depiction of life as is. Unfiltered.

This isn’t a book you can read in one seating. You’ll definitely shed tears of joy and share in the pain but you understand what it means to be a mother and why mothers are relentless. And you understand what it is to be a daughter and how they take on the world.

Image courtesy of Footprints Press

This is a perfect book to gift your mother, daughter, wife, grandmother and even a husband, father or son. It’s that book that makes you realize you aren’t alone. Life is happening to all of us, the good and the bad and sometimes you need to hear it from someone else to realize you’re okay. Get your copy today for Ksh. 4,000 for both books from

Remember to stay safe during this pandemic.


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