Short Stories


She sat there in nothing more than what she brought into this world. She didn’t want to cry but the tears stung. She wanted to stay but she knew she couldn’t.In as much as her heart refused to believe, her brain always knew she was never welcome. Where would she go from here? Who did she have? Who would she call her own now that everything was falling apart?

The evening sun was beaming through the window and all she let it burn her skin. She let it blind her eyes and hoped it took them with it because she didn’t need to see any more of this world. She needed something for pain, something to quieten the shouts of failure in her brain.

She didn’t see how she could live through this. If even God, the Almighty she prayed to about her need for this one prayer to be answered didn’t see it through, then was her life worth a chance?


I started a story a few years back here and I’m trying to piece it together. This short post is a pilot project for you. Your views are very much welcome.

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