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Sasa kwa wale hawanitambui my name is Glynis or in short gly😌
In real business.
This week I’ve been thinking how much sometimes we would all be better if we had a bit of extra extra, a bit more of this a bit less of that.
How good would it be if their parents were your parents, how much better would it be if you had more money? How good would you sound if your voice was two notes higher? And what we all think, how much better would we be as a couple if their bae was our bae.
I see you nodding your head,😶 don’t worry we all are:(.
So the question is what if? What if this was this or that?
And the answer would be very hard to find. Somehow we are never in that perfect situation, we all lack something.
Even when you see that rich boy with 10k followers on instagram and a car you wouldn’t dream of unless you are forty there is something they desperately want that you may, or may not have.
But no one wants to be mediocre, society forbids it.🙅
So we chase after that extra wherever we can find it. Ladies we may turn to some anorexics because we want some sort of figure. Guys may end up getting involved in easy money scandals to get that mama from kileleshwa.
Only problem is, this
isn’t where it ends. Somehow when we get that extra weight off as ladies we want the waistline to get smaller. Somehow guys want more money so they want faster ways to get it.
Most of us want that popularity super fast. So we go bitch about someone we get that attention.
Until one day all the mess eats us up and we can’t even recognize who’s standing on the other side of the mirror any more.
As I end my lecture, the crazy person writing this is just trying to say, whether we like it or not we are different, until we embrace that we’ll never get satisfied in this short life we have.
So Mimi ni Mimi
Hakuna mwingine kama Mimi
Je wewe😇
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