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Anne Nyagacuhi – Beauty by Anne

I attend church at PCEA Kasarani West Parish and that’s where I had the opportunity of meeting Anne. She is an amazing lady and one of those who was really nice to me when I joined the youth. Years later she is a wife and a mum and more to it has joined the beauty space. Her interview is such an eye opener on what being a YouTuber in the beauty field means.

1. Who is Anne Nyagacuhi, the face behind Beauty by Anne?

I am God fearing, spontaneous, fun and a lover of all things beauty.

2. Your channel looks into makeup, fashion, hair, DIY’s and skin care. What inspired you to start this journey?

I’ve always had a passion for Beauty, be it makeup, skin care, hair or fashion. I am fascinated by how all these things can transform a person’s look and confidence. We all want to look good and feel good about ourselves, and for me it’s just something that I really love and enjoy doing and when you are passionate about something it becomes very easy to do it. Then, since I perfected my love for Beauty on YouTube, I decided to start a channel to help others realize it doesn’t cost much to take care of yourself or to look good.

3. What products does your daily skin care routine involve?

I start with a good cleanser usually Nivea or Himalayas, then a toner and I use apple cider vinegar as a toner, then you always have to moisturize and I use Nivea moisturizer then I never forget to apply sun protection so I add my sun- screen as the last thing.

4. You shared a quote stating, God thinks you’re good enough, now its your time to believe it. What role does makeup and skin care play in boosting self-esteem in your view?

A woman’s self worth and confidence comes from within. It’s a mindset, it’s what you think about yourself and it takes time and work to achieve for sure. It just doesn’t happen, you have to keep working on it and it increases more with age.

When you’re younger, your view on who you are often is influenced by so many things Including your peers, society and the internet. Therefore, it takes a person to really know who you are and accept yourself and this way, you’re able to love yourself. Your new found love for yourself helps you respect yourself, and in turn take care of yourself and this is where a good skin care routine and makeup comes into play.

Makeup is not that important and it’s not for everybody but a good skin care routine is essential. A good skin care routine contributes a lot to a beautiful and healthier skin even years later. When your skin looks good you look and feel good and it boosts your self esteem. Likewise women with problematic skin like acne tend to be self conscious and it affects their self esteem negatively as it makes you feel unattractive and embarrassed. Identifying a skin care routine that would help heal or improve your skin can improve someone’s esteem. In some cases such ladies use makeup to hide those issues and it’s perfectly okay.

Outward appearance can have a powerful influence on self esteem, and applying makeup does increase a woman’s perceived attractiveness and ultimately their confidence.

5. What are some of the challenges you’ve experience since starting you channel?

You start on a high then you get bored because you can’t seem to reach people. Some of the issues are:

Coming up with content.

Content creation is hard and coming up with good content that will capture people’s attention and keep them on your page is hard.

Getting an audience.

It takes time to reach people who are interested in the content you’re creating and numbers come with time so the struggle is how to keep going even when people aren’t coming.

Doubting yourself.
Camera confidence.

It takes time to gain confidence to talk to a camera like its your best friend.

6. How do you manage consistent content creation alongside being a mum and a wife?

Discipline and dedication

It takes alot of discipline and dedication to create content, work and still set time for the family

It’s not easy and sometimes you just have to prioritize. When you have a family it’s alot harder because you have more responsibilities and less time than a person who has not settled down yet.

Having a goal- daily/weekly goal.

I have set daily and weekly goals that help me remain focused because I know if don’t meet my daily goal then I won’t achieve the weekly one and it becomes a vicious circle and I definitely don’t want that.

7. You share high quality videos and photos, which camera do you use and what does your editing process involve?

I don’t have a professional camera I just use my phone.

I use my phone to shoot videos, edit the videos, photography and posting.

Editing is a very important part of the video creation process because it can make or break your video. My editing Process is very basic and simple because am still learning though it’s alot of work still. It’s by far the hardest and time consuming part. For me the process involves using an editing software to join the shots, clean out all the mistakes and add all the features I want.

8. Creating content on YouTube involves buying equipment, beauty and skin care products and outfits which can be expensive what was your budget at first?

At first my budget was for the lighting equipment, backgrounds, stands, dresser where I store and shoot the makeup videos which summed up to ksh 50,000.

Later on that’s when I started adding other things that I needed. It can be very expensive depending on the content you’re producing but sometimes you just have to start with what you have and build up from there.

9. You share a lot of beauty tips for relaxed hair, how do you keep it long, healthy and free from breakage?

I’ve had to find a routine that works for my hair and good quality products that actually nourish my hair. It’s very important to purchase good products and use them the right way. There’re people who buy very expensive products but don’t know how to use them correctly hence they really don’t help the hair.

For anything to grow and flourish it has to be maintained and nourished often and the same case applies to hair. I have taken time to understand my hair and am able to offer it what it needs at any given time. When you learn to listen to your hair, you can tell what it needs, and when you nourish it, it will thank you by growing long and healthy.

10. What are your top 5 everyday use make up products?




Brow pencil


11. How do you ensure you thrift trendy clothes while on a budget?

It’s all about having an eye for style. I don’t always have days which I set aside to shop, often my best pieces are the ones I just stumble upon when I had no intention to shop. But when I go to shop, I don’t just pick anything, I like pieces that stand out and look different from every other dresses you see around. I love thrifting cz of the unique pieces that I find and you’re assured you won’t bump into anyone with that piece. That’s not to say I don’t shop in these other stores.

12. What’s your favorite technical accessory and why?

My phone

My entire life is on my phone.

My phone holds everything from my daily to do list, content ideas,  my YouTube videos, photos, editing softwares, shopping lists, grocery lists, my baby’s travelling supplies list, bible, books name it, its in there.

13. Content creation can be challenging who makes up your support system and encourages you on the low days?

My family makes up my support system. Starting out is hard and frustrating so my family are always there to encourage and motivate me to keep going.

But I’ve realised you just have to take it as a hobby, not a job otherwise you’ll quit before a month lapses.

14. Your Instagram page is vibrant and colorful yet minimal. What theme do you use to maintain this balance?

I wanted my feed to have some balance, not crowded and still cool. I decided to use this layout with the line in the middle which enables me to create a cool theme with pictures on the outer layers and quotes or minimal pieces in the middle. This way, each picture stands out on its own am able to showcase my work and look professional.

15. What goal are you currently working towards achieving for Beauty by Anne?

I just want to reach as many people as possible because you need an audience to be able to monetize any content. When I get the audience then the sky is the limit.

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