Breakfast dates in Nairobi

Breakfast dates are a life saver, especially when you are new to the dating scene. They give you the opportunity to see people in their element, fresh in the day, as opposed to going for drinks that may end up making the person incoherent after one two many as they try to get through the discomfort of meeting new.

Breakfast dates reduce the pre-date anxiety. If anything there’s a time cap on it because you all need to get on with your day. Breakfast menus barely exceed two pages as opposed to dinner options, which will have you looking through pages with no clue what to pick. Restaurants have also done this awesome thing where they come up with combos, whether English breakfast, traditional breakfast, vegan breakfast and life is simplified.

With the minimum expectations that breakfast dates bring, I believe they are still overly romantic. In Nairobi, restaurants on a Saturday morning barely have anyone in. Probably because of the party scene that is Friday night. Meaning you have time to talk and enjoy each others company without wondering why the people at the opposite table keep staring. If anything, if they show up for a date on Saturday morning, the probably really like you.

As we wait for restaurants to reopen, here’s five places you should have on your list and give breakfast dates a shot. Note that, it’s not just grabbing coffee but a full-fledged breakfast.

Cafe Javas

CJ’s is by far one of the most popular breakfast spots in the CBD. It is simply because they offer value for money. Breakfast portions are huge and can hold you all through to the late afternoon. I often recommend this as a first date option because it’s chic and gives a great first impression if you’re not trying to be cheap. Comparatively it is competitively affordable they recently increased prices to Ksh. 890 for their combos still within market range. The restaurant has made a huge investment in the ambiance and it is very cozy and comfortable. You can read more on an article I previously wrote here.

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Kapital Coffee

This is one of the restaurants you easily see and ignore on your CBD ventures. It is located in uptown Nairobi and is a nice quite spot to retreat to for breakfast. The menu offers a healthy option which is rich in food items such as liver which I have barely seen in a number of restaurants. It is very minimalist ambiance wise and and great for when you need to get some work done out of the house on a Saturday morning. Aside from that it is insanely affordable with a full breakfast at up to Ksh 400 bob.

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Cafe Deli

Cafe Deli opened up shop on Koinange street at the Rubis petrol station and they have gone all out. With 2 floors of the restaurant there’s a beautiful view of the city and a lot of room giving you a tone of options on where to sit. What struck me is the fresh orange juice they serve before the meal that is 100% natural and with no additional sugar. They also have a variety on breakfast options.

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Tried out breakfast at Café Deli and it was great. Average cost is 600 to 900 for a full breakfast. #glynismaina #kenyantiktok #tiktokkenya #nairobi

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Big Square

Big Square has always been a go to for lunches and dinners. I didn’t picture their breakfast as being an obvious choice. I was pleasantly surprised, especially since they offer baked beans and fries. They are also one of the few I’ve seen who give both sausage and bacon. That alone is about to make it a favorite.

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Java House

Java is perhaps one of the more popular breakfast spots in the city. They have the best coffee, the best dawa and we know Nairobians run on coffee. Their reputation precedes them. I always believed their breakfast portions were not competitive and I was proved wrong. My greatest reservation is however the fact that they have a lot of options that are either this or that. All in all the ambiance is always a plus and the presence all through Nairobi.

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I hope you now have a couple of options for breakfast dates once restaurants reopen. For prices always google the menu before hand to help you budget for what you’d like. Average prices for the mentioned restaurants is Ksh. 500 to 900 per person. The most affordable as mentioned is Kapital Coffee.

Next week we explore why Nairobi restaurants have limited healthy food options, stay tuned on Wednesday at 10:00am.

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