Attibassi Coffee, Upper Hill, Nairobi

Attibassi is a classic brand from Bologna, much appreciated for the consistent quality of its products.  It was started in 1918 as an artisan “pasticceria” (a shop selling pastries and cakes), born from the passion and commitment of two confectioners: Mr. Agostino Atti and Mr. Marco Bassi.  Within Bologna’s culinary atmosphere, Attibassi products grew in popularity and attracted the attention of refined palates.  Today, as then, with the added refinement of modern techniques, the company continues to express the “artisan” passion for its traditional products. <Source>


The franchise is located on the new Britam towers in Upper Hill, Nairobi. To get there from the CBD you can take an Uber/Bolt for about Ksh. 250 or take a Kenya Bus number 7C and alight at the new Britam Building. If you’re driving, use google maps but you can definitely wing it if you’re familiar with Upper Hill.


The spot is one for the lovers of soft life. It is offers the pleasures of both an indoor and outdoor sitting space. You’ll appreciate the outside for the cosy breeze in the late afternoon. The investment in some greenery makes it appealing and dilutes the artificial feel of the buildings towering over Upper Hill.

Photo by Glynis Maina, outdoor view

The inside is every mug collector/ bookish person’s haven. It makes you want to order a cup of your favorite coffee and cozy up to a corner with your favorite book. The lights aren’t too bright, the glass windows don’t uncomfortably expose you, it’s just right.

What to eat

When on a solo date I recommend a budget of Ksh. 1,500 to Ksh. 2,000 for a proper meal, for two simply double the same. For a cheaper option I recommend a coffee date, brunch or happy hour that pungunzas the mzigo a bit but gives you the same great experience. Have a look at the menus here for prior planning.


A nojito and blue berry cheese cake is the way to go. The blue lagoon Nojito has some Sprite and lime and God knows what makes it blue. It is sweet but not candy sweet that makes your teeth ache.
The blue berry cheese cake is tasty, a combination of the cream cheese, blueberry and a magical crust that’s heaven for your taste buds. Don’t let the picture fool you the portion is generous.
Blue Lagoon Nojito: Ksh. 430
Blueberry cheesecake slice: Ksh. 390

Picture by Glynis Maina, Blue Berry Cheese Cake and a Blue Lagoon Nojito
For Lunch

Lunch here is a great time to catch up with a friend or have a nice date. It does get packed around then with Upper Hill folk so I recommend either an early or late lunch.
The Attibassi Club Sandwich is quite popular, this worked well with my bread lover self. The sandwiches come with quite a bit of meat. It’s not one of those sandwiches that’s all bread and no ham! A side of fries is availed which on face value seem few but are pretty decent.
The juicy chicken breast is tender and I recommend you have one that’s well done. A side of fries, a salad and a dip are available.
Juicy Chicken Breast Ksh. 1090/-
Attibassi club sandwich Ksh. 960

Picture by Glynis Maina, Juicy Chicken Breast and Attibassi club sandwich

Happy hour is a great time at any restaurant, but you’ll enjoy this because they have a fun drinks menu. From apple martinis to cosmos, the options are limitless for a two for one offer.

Damage: Apple Martini, Strawberry Daiquiri, Gin Gimlet two for 650 during happy hour.

The Daquiri is fun and fruity with a nice red that has you feeling sassy and giving you an urge to wear red lipstick to match it. The apple martini has a James Bond feel, all grown up and put together, if anything it makes you want to suit up.

Picture by Glynis Maina, Apple Martini and Strawberry Daiquiri

The Gin gimlet is a surprising option. Gin lovers always have the gin and tonic with two ice cubes and a lemon and are home and dry. This one has a twist. Maybe it’s shaken, maybe stirred, maybe both? Only the barman knows.

Picture by Glynis Maina, Gin Gimlet and Strawberry Daiquiri

An early dinner due to the 10:00pm curfew is recommended. Definitely sit inside because the chill starts biting around 5:00pm and you (and your date) don’t need to be out freezing while pretending to be okay.

The restaurant slows down in the evenings making it perfect for a one on one conversation with your person or with your computer as you finish that last report and chug down some food.

The meal picks were recommended by the lovely waitress Celestine. She made us feel comfortable during dinner and was very professional, we loved her. The Periperi Chicken is a go to for a filling meal full of goodness with some medium fries as a side. The second option was the lamb chops that were surprisingly great (I always though nothing could beat big square, these came pretty close!) The side was some mashed potatoes, a healthier alternative to fries.

Picture by Glynis Maina, Periperi chicken and lamb chops


Periperi chicken Ksh. 1190

Lamb chops Ksh. 1290

Attibassi coffee is a sweet spot to try out. Here’s another reason to swing by

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