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Safari Yetu Adventures

Paulo Coelho said; “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal!” We have learnt this from 9 months in a pandemic when we needed to stay home to keep safe. Now that we’ve watched all of Netflix and Showmax and who knows which other family movies, we can try get a little bit of adventure going. I had a chat with Safari Yetu Adventures and there is so much magic our country has to offer!

1. What inspired the making of Safari Yetu Adventures?

My compulsion for travelling, exploring and experiencing different cultures; networking and seeing places made me think of “what if I did this with other people?” it would be more fun than doing it alone, hence the company.

2. Why the name ‘Safari Yetu Adventures’?

“Safari Yetu”  are two swahili words meaning “our journey”. I Chose this business name since every Kenyan and foreigners can easily relate. Basically it is an inclusive term to travel, experience, enjoy and create beautiful memories together.

3. Who makes up the Safari Yetu Adventures team?

Safari Yetu Adventures has Directors and technical team that ensures clients ultimate satisfaction.

4. How do you effectively come up with travel packages?

Travel packages are mostly influenced by our clients. They may suggest a venue then it’s our responsibility to ensure they get fair rates and have  good times.

Our packages are also influenced by seasons for example during holidays most people prefer visits to the beach and more so spends longer time as compared to other days where they may prefer a day trip.

5. Do Kenyans utilize travel companies or do they prefer planning their trips?

Kenyans have highly embraced travel agencies. Statistically 70% of Kenyans prefer group travel which is mostly well organized through the agencies.

6. In your view, where must every Kenyan visit at least once in their life?

Kenya is very rich in attraction sites, cultures and good hotels. In my view every Kenyan should at least visit Ngare Ndare Canopy walk once in their life. It’s referred to as the hidden gem of Northern Kenya, with azure waterfall and rock pools. It is located between two counties Laikipia and Meru. The canopy walk is 10 meters high and 450 meters long hence being the highest and the longest canopy walk in East Africa.

7. Which travel destinations do you offer packages for?

We offer packages for travel destinations in Kenya and East Africa .

8. What does a tour package comprise of?

A tour package is mostly inclusive of your meals (full board or half-board), luxurious transport, professional photography, team building activities, every month birthday cake, refill drinking water, entrance fees and due to the pandemic we included masks and sanitizers.

9. How do you ensure you tailor make an experience for all and still make profit as a business?

By  listing all the necessary requirements for the trip to be successful and then adding a little margin in the overall cost.

10. If you could recommend five budget friendly spots out in nature in Nairobi, what would be your top picks?

Budget friendly spots within Nairobi:

✓Nairobi National park

✓ Karura forest

✓Kitengela Scary bridge and Nanis glass Art

✓Kenyatta international conference Center ( KICC)

✓Kenya Railways Train museum

11. What lessons have you learnt being in the tours and travel business?

Patience – dealing with clients requires ultimate patience,they may book a venue and decide to change or cancel.

Listening to clients is very important and getting their feedback enables us to shape our services.

Flexibility – handling different requests has enabled us to be more flexible and deliver on time.

12. Which challenges are there in the industry for those aspiring to follow in your footsteps?

Just like any other business, there are challenges in the industry which are sometimes beyond our control such as adverse weather conditions, curfews, pandemics such as Covid-19 and terrorism.

13. 2020 was a difficult year for the travel industry, how did you navigate it?

Due to the pandemic tourism was somehow brought to a hault, thereafter we started doing trips within Nairobi following all the ministry of health measures and eventually after opening of the counties we started cruising to other counties.

14. What prospects do you have for the New Year?

This year we have alot in-store for our esteemed travellers, making discoveries and ultimate memories as our slogan goes “Experiencing life together” please don’t be left out.

15. What should travel junkies expect when they sign up with your company?

Travel junkies should expect virgin discoveries, culture exploration, good food , awesome travel photos, great networks and beautiful memories.

Connect with Safari Yetu Adventures on Instagram below

Check out their Facebook page here. Need their services? Drop them an email on safariyetuadv219@gmail.com or WhatsApp them on +254 719 314061.

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Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you soon!

Love Glynis

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