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5 restaurants for a magical Valentine’s Day in Nairobi – glynismaina
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5 restaurants for a magical Valentine’s Day in Nairobi

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and plans are being made on what to do and where to go. Here’s five restaurants in Nairobi you can think about.

1. About Thyme Restaurant

This spot as I mentioned before is in the heart of Nairobi with a vibe of a leafy suburbs. The noise and bustle of the city is tucked away in the trees and you get to run away and be with that special someone for a couple of hours of bliss.


Westlands, Nairobi on Eldama Ravine road.

Read more on this restaurant here for the full review. For a virtual experience watch the TikTok below and see how the spot looks.

2. Views Coffee House

Picture by Glynis Maina

Views Coffee House is the perfect place for a Valentine’s Day dinner, brunch or lunch. The prices are friendly and the view of the Nairobi CBD 14 floors up is bound to take your breath away.


14th floor, Bihi Towers Nairobi CBD

More on this restaurant: Watch TikTok below and read more on the food here


Views Coffee House at the Nairobi CBD and s breathtaking #foryoupage #kenyatiktok #tiktokkenya #nairobi

♬ Baikoko – Mbosso

3. Attibassi Coffee

Picture by Glynis Maina

Attibassi has a special place in my heart, and its not just the coffee. They have meticulous attention to detail and at the heart of Upper Hill gives you an amazing experience to enjoy the architecture around you through the glass windows. It gives you the feeling of being a character in a movie watching people on set.


Ground Floor, New Britam towers in Upper Hill, Nairobi

Read more here for the full review. Watch TikTok below.

4. Honey and Dough

Picture by Glynis Maina

Honey and Dough always feels like a bitter sweet pick. I had an amazing experience here while it was new but a couple of people mentioned this wasn’t the case for them. The food was amazing the drinks were well mixed and the ambiance is pure perfection.


Located on Waiyaki Way, 7th Floor One Africa Place, Next to Delta Towers. 

Read more here

5. DJC

This is one of the most underrated restaurants in Nairobi. Take it to the bank. They have amazing Chinese food, it’s not too crowded and has amazing toned down ambiance that doesn’t try too hard. The prices are decent and it is located at the heart of the CBD.


Located on Emperor plaza on Koinange Street where Dominos pizza used to be.

Read more here and here

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Love Glynis

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