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So the day before yesterday my very dear roommates ganged up on me throwing questions on who my new catch was, I really don’t know why they would think this while apparently I haven’t dated in forever (read never dated). The only new thing I’ve taken up is gym after classes which is why they thought I was hitting on someone. So I ignored it, thinking, screw society, do I really have to be into a guy? Am I even into a guy? Is not being into a guy normal really. God help us, future husband show up soon, these questions are neither easy nor interesting to answer.
So I decided to push the question at the back of my mind think, oh well, I don’t like anyone, no babe no stress, no? Unless its these people who you app and call you bae and you’ve probably never seen or probably never will. These virtual relationships apana, one day they will track you with google maps and come with a ring professing their undying love and you’ll be so terrified to say no because how they look on instagram and in real life is two different things. Dearly fellow affected victims with social media boyfriends and girlfriends beware!!!
Back to my weird week, I happen to study law and this semester isn’t that full of drama, thank God, until you remember how messed up the last semester was, how you probably crossed the wrong paths and fell for some things you can’t even explain. So what happens when you see someone from your past that you actually had feelings for, does that make them datable, even though things never really worked out, what if they say they miss you, that they want to try again, does that pre-qualify them as datable?
In this week again, yesterday a guy asked me what kind of guy I would date, hmmmh, thinking….. thinking again….. and again…. and again… and I was speechless which is rare for a loud mouth like me who always has an answer for every question even if I have to lie.
Then, I remembered (flashlight lit in my brain) when we were kids in Sunday school we were taught that you should marry( insert date) a God fearing man, a hardworking man, a man who doesn’t drink or smoke or use whatever narcotics there are today, a family lover sijui a guy who goes to church every Sunday, a virgin who will wait till marriage and so many other things. In high school the list changed to a guy who can rock my body right, a guy who takes me out to planet yoghurt or serena and blows a cool ten Gs on me, a deejay probably who would get you free passes to the club, an instafamous light skin guy who would get you popular with a selfie, a guy who would be sexy AF works out with killer abs but no face so that he doesn’t leave you….and so much more.
So why was it hard for me to answer this question yesterday? It’s really bugging my brain I could say I wanted a sugar daddy to pay my fees, besides wako wengi huku Karen, life would be good, no? Just one morning you pretend to sprain your leg and three range rovers, two prados, a Mercedes class and a hopeful harrier will stop to get you to Aga Khan for fixing, i’d have all the Brazillian weaves I want, but my conscious would have to die to live that life.
Now I think in the end you could have the guy with all qualifications from high school or campus but in the end girls are emotional beings, so are boys, to some extent and all you want in the end is love, (I know you saw this coming) so is the person you would date capable of loving, of having these emotions or will you be picking sunflower petals asking if he loves you or loves you not. Will he actually be there to take you out or will he date you over the phone with whatsapp emojis substituting for his feelings?
If you have what would stand as a normal and steady relationship, you are too lucky. If not well there is someone for everyone just a little patience sweety.
Now I await your comments of how you are winners in this field,
have a great weekend:)


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