She couldn’t go up the stairs without a struggle. She couldn’t bend without a mourn. She couldn’t fit in her own clothes that fit the week before.
She felt that she weighed probably 150kgs but she wasn’t even halfway there.
All she wanted was to be that girl!
The shiny hair, the abs the perfect posture, the brains….
She wanted it all, I mean who doesn’t? She was vain, but hadn’t been like this forever.
It was for him.
For the one who saw her in her true light. The one who made her smile.
She wanted to be perfect for him.
She wanted to achieve that which she yearned for all her life.
Now she’s on the floor
Her tummy rumbling with only but a memory of the orange slice she had
And where was he when she needed him, when she was breaking, when she died under a different scorching sun called society.
Tears weren’t enough
They were an inadequate remedy. They had worked before but now she just couldn’t see the point.
She knew Hope was for the young and love for the birds.
She couldn’t breath……all she could do was wait for superman, to finish washing his cape and take her home.
But superman didn’t really exist……
Am I broken beyond repair? She muttered under her breath.

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