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Recently, so many people around me have been “falling in love” yes, I did quote it because I haven’t been such a proponent of the love process. But slowly, very slowly, my thoughts are being changed. I mean I get a front seat to all the tele novelas  in my friends lives, and lets just say reality is a bit sweeter than the shows we watch, nothing is rehearsed!
I think its cute when in a century you witness two souls fall in love, it fills you with some sought of adrenal rush, like it’s also happening to you. Falling in love these days has a new meaning though, not like the good old days, today you’ll go to some party be told someone’s cute brother is single, you’ll get high and hang around him twerking the night away. Soon after the bash you’ll probably be crashing at your friend’s place so you’ll make out all night and leave in the morning hoping he asks for your number. After a week or two you’re in a relationship, and after a month you realize you were a side bitch, is there any fun in that? No! but it does happen.
In the old days falling in love was magical, sort of like in Romeo and Juliet, where the love was so intense they both just had to kill themselves at the thought that the other was dead, life wasn’t worth it without the other half. Or in titanic where Jack would rather hold on to the boat half his body in the pacific freezing to death than let Rose die, I mean how does a guy even do that today (I stand corrected) and how do we forget the notebook, I mean I wish James Garner wrote my love life, how does the man you’re in love with stick round for that long, constantly reminding you of the details of your love life, it’s just something else. Anyway, I’ll write a romantic movie review some day so that you all have a bucket list to pick from when your baes come over.
As I was typing before I got carried away, you really realize your friend is in love when they let their guard down, when they don’t care about looks, about money, cars or any of these materialistic things, when they put someone you would never have seen them date on a pedestal and announce to the world that this is bae, I’m proud of you sweetie, I know you’ll read this, haha then kill me but you are one of the most stubborn people I know and I’m happy you found love. And not just love, but real love, the kind that makes you glow and I know this because I’m watching the movie fall into place.
Then again, still on society, for those of you who were lucky to have first loves, then they broke your heart, don’t pin it on the male species. There is that second chance, well I wasn’t ever going to admit this but there is. Love is about being able to fit people into your world because they fit you into their world. I know this coz of two crazy friends of mine who met without any hope of ever dating. The sort you’d call incompatible and are rewriting the rules of puppy love. Sort of like when you first see the beginning of the movie, you think Channing Tatum was not good enough at the start of Jupiter Ascending but he still stole Mila Kunis’ heart or how Zac Efron was a play boy in that Awkward moment but still toned it town for Imogen Poots or how Aaron Paul despite being a hard ass head still fell for  Imogen Poots in Need for speed 2014. It’s also happening in real life, movies are made from people’s imaginations and experiences.
You never know these things, you could be the two souls that are bound by the stars this century, just trust that the love is out there somewhere, and with love it’s not Math, its crazy and stupid.
Carry you head alongside your heart though, times have changed! But don’t let that keep you from believing life’s too short to give up on love.


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