Left behind

We’ve all been left by someone, maybe your mum left to go work in a far away country, maybe your dad left home for life at another woman’s place, maybe the girl of your dreams left you for a boy out of nowhere, maybe the boy you confessed your loved to was playing you all along till you caught him out of the blues.
That’s when all the idioms you learnt in school come to life. Something like, my heart was shuttered into a million pieces. And it really feels likes its in a million pieces. When someone you’ve known for ages turns a back on you its equal to taking all the memories you had and setting them a blaze. Into an eternal fire.
All the secrets, all the lies, all the bad habits, all the stupids things you did together.
The hardest part is you can’t force them to stay.
Yes you’d want to lock them in a box and keep them in your room forever.
But they just have to go.
They have to move on.
Even when your heart is damaged beyond repair, even when you’ve cried your heart out, even though they were the reason you felt the sun glisten on your face; let it go, let them go.
A person I love very much always tells me to love myself so much that everyone else has to love the person in me before I love them.
We’ve all been left behind by someone we would have traded a kidney for. They left our hearts buttered, bandages can’t even fix the bullet holes they left. Somehow the song amnesia makes all the sense in the world. Coz the memories hurt a tad bit more. But don’t let one person’s mistake be the reason why you can’t accept better people in your life.
I know so many people who stopped believing in love when their first love left them. Girls who say all boys are the same because one screwed up. I know a few more people who’d rather be single mother’s than be beaten by their husbands as their mums were.
People can be mean and brutal, but there’s that one person out there who will mean the world to you. Boy,girl, husband, wife, bestie, bruh whoever, they’ll surely come. And when they do, the pain of being left behind shall be no more.
You deserve a chance.
Patience is a virtue for the strong💪.
Have a good week ahead.


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