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Grahamstown, South Africa.

Travelling is great, aside from insane jet lag, sleeping on airport floors and crude landings.
It opens you up to a vast array of people and cultures and somehow, you never see the world the same way again. You come back home and you love your country even more, not because it’s more developed or better than where you were, but just because its home, and home is always home.
Today’s post is basically a birds eye view of the beautiful city of Grahamstown a small college town 2hrs away from East London whose terrain would be every morning joggers dream.
Everything is a walking distance away, no motor bikes, matatus are basically a rumour and who needs a car there, parking spaces basically beg to be filled.
2017-04-17 01.26.11 1.jpgWhether you need to grab a bite at an eatery, or you want an outfit at Identity, or just pass by the bank it’s all on High Street, and the cost of living? Half of what you spend in any shop in Nairobi. Mr. Price there is a last resort, Truworths Man and Jumbo basically have retail prices even better than some of these over ambitious sales persons at Toi Market.
2017-04-17 01.53.14 1.jpg
And to the foodies, fast food joints are the real deal, you could cry, burgers at Steers at less than 400 bob, you could basically live on burgers and not get broke, KFC there is not a prime destination as here, in my opinion at least, food is so cheap if I did my LLB there i’d be obese.
2017-04-17 02.04.13 1.jpg
It definitely is a beautiful town, couldn’t wear my legs enough walking around, if I could even add an extra week I’d go through all their coffee shops, restaurants and glorious bookshops.
2017-04-17 01.23.12 3.jpg
If its not on you travel bucket list add it up, it’s organised, roads are great, people are friendly and the level of self confidence in their women is amazing. There they have plus size women on their posters advertising lingerie, body shaming is out of the picture, you wonder why here our women are stripped, smh!
I won’t spoil all the fun, go there, thank me later.
2017-04-17 01.18.19 3.jpg


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