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Enoque Wambua – Musician

The music industry in Kenya is and has always been a force to reckon with. Having a conversation with Wambu African definitely brought a lot to perspective from navigating a global pandemic and the future of his music where he’s being his most authentic self.

Who is Enoque Wambua?

Enoque Wambua is a lover of life! A genuine being, who loves people and loves lifting souls in many ways the strongest being music. I feel like now when I’m a bit grown up, I’m learning who I am and appreciating myself more. The more you stay with yourself the more you know who you are. I’m so much more than I can answer here.

Why the name WambuAfrikan? 

With the kind of music I am currently making I feel like I am starting to embody the musical rain of Afrika! I love being an African and my name Wambua means rain. Rain heals the dry land, rain makes the plants grow. There are so many benefits when it rains. I love the rain and I enjoy it most when I am indoors not having to go anywhere, in warm clothes maybe even drinking something warm. You see that chilled vibe! That’s what I hope people experience when they listen to WambuAfrikan music.

As a man on a mission, what has your journey as a Musician taught you so far?

Wah! I have learnt so much. One of the biggest lessons that I always get reminded of is that only you understand your vision and the only way people will understand your vision is if you do it and keep pushing yourself to do better and better. This mission is mine I expect no one to get me to my success, I have to work it out and learn as I move. Focusing on the mission!

Having studied, created and even taught music, did you always know this was something you wanted to do?

Yes! Music has always been part of me! My mum always says that when I was a baby, breastfeeding, every time music would play on TV or on radio I would nod to the rhythm. I’m a Pastor’s Kid, There’s something about growing up in a church environment, music is always involved. Also my siblings love music and being the lastborn, they hooked me up with really good music at an early age. So it slowly got into me. Then after class 8 I started guitar classes and that enhanced my understanding and Love for music.

Did you have the support you needed in venturing into the world of music?

Yes, I received the necessary support,  my Dad paid for my guitar classes and really encouraged me to play and sing in church. I even got to study music in undergrad. I’ve definitely received great support from my people.

Kenyan artists have severally been in the media for not having their dues paid. What do you think should be improved as we move forward?

Policies should be worked on, Kenyan music being played on media at the moment is about 40% which is really sad. Tukafika even 70% things will be really good.

There’s really good music in Kenya but the media is not playing it and that’s where many people get the awareness of music. The media has the power of making us consume more Kenyan content and when that happens the artist will definitely get his/her dues. Change is slowly coming I believe.

What advice would you give aspiring musicians who look up to you?

Create a space for yourself, don’t wait for anyone to give it to you, be so good at what you do, your stars will definitely align. And be yourself, musicians have this thing of imitating and it doesn’t take you far, you will just be compared with who you imitate. So be yourself 100% Also be willing to learn, There’s so much to learn in the craft, in the business. We are life students.

How do you draw inspiration to create music as an artist? Is it from past experience, future aspirations, a general feeling…

There’s a swahili saying, “Msanii ni kioo cha jamii” I write what I feel and also what I see around me. When an idea comes I sit down and work on it and try my best to put it in the simplest way so that anyone can listen and relate. I believe the best songs are the ones you relate with.

You recently released your website where people have access to your music, YouTube channel and future events. How important is visibility in the music industry?

Visibility is everything especially now that we are in a digital world/economy. The internet is taking over and so we are to be in the times and be part of the growth. I’m working on my album and I will be doing an online launch, this means I will be able to have a global audience. You can watch this show from anywhere in the world. I find that very cool.

Being an artist in a global pandemic that has limited performances and avenues to earn an income, how have you learnt and evolved from this?

Biggest lesson was importance of multiple streams of income. As a musician, performing is not the only stream of income. I’m a music instructor, I have gotten to writing songs for adverts, I’ve been partnering with a music shop called Hedgehog Creative. I’m figuring out how to use my social media and get revenue from that as well. I believe there’s so much money in the craft you just need to be aware and really to learn and work.

How would you say sharing your art has changed your life?

Music is like my outlet. Through writing I deal with so much. I feels really nice when people tell me they listened to my music and it took them through a hard time. Makes me want to write more theme songs of life.

What music should we expect in future as fans?

Wah! I have better understanding of myself. It’s being reflected in the music I’m making on right now. I’m working on an album right now and I feel like it will be the best work of art I’ve done! I’m not only singing, I’m rapping. I’m experimenting with different sounds. The future looks lovely I must say.

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