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10 questions with Tuja May

We’ve finally finished another journey around the sun and we’re already over a week into the new year let alone another decade!
Once I shared Rafael’s story and old friend reached out and offered to give me a tarot reading. I chickened out (of course) because… well… it seemed beyond the scope of what I felt spiritually inclined to (or I just didn’t have enough information about it). Nonetheless, my curiosity was triggered  and here’s what you need to know about tarot reading!
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  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s one random fact no one knows about you?

My name is Tuja May and I am a lot of things. I am a thespian, a teacher, a sex positive content creator and a tarot.

Something that people don’t know about me?

I’m for the most part an open book but I guess something interesting is that I have synesthesia which means I can see music in colour. Sometimes I can taste certain notes. Like minor keys are always a dull kind of chocolate.

2. What are tarot cards to begin with? Do they have and historical background?

Tarot cards are divided into two sets the major arcana and the minor arcana. The minor arcana is pretty much like a regular playing cards set with four suits. In tarot these are divided into: swords, cups, pentacles and wands.In playing cards this would be: spades, hearts, flowers and diamonds.

Divination and tarot tends to encompass the idea of a story being woven into the cards.

The cards are a clue. Not a definite answer.
Tarot readers like myself use the cards to channel messages. The use of the cards is to truly tap into our intuition. And as a reader I usually encourage my clients to look at the cards and sit with their intuition as well. There is nothing a reader can tell you that you’re intuition doesn’t already know.

3. How did you learn how to read tarot cards? Is it a gift or a skill you can acquire?

I learnt tarot from many avenues, books and YouTube were my main source for a while. But for a few months I had a tutor who really encouraged me to use my intuition as the true vision and the cards as an aid. I believe it is both.

Intuition is a gift that spirit has been generous enough to give us all. And it is a skill in the more technical terms of the spectrum. Some people get messages when they cook, some when they read tea leaves others when they look at an image. Our eyes see all but it is in our doing that we all uniquely perceive messages.

4. What is the significance of tarot cards socially or spiritually?

Tarot to me has been a tool. My spiritual journey has been one of confusion and that’s because I relied on others beliefs for so long it was very hard to find my own voice. To figure out what I truly believed in. Tarot and a lot of divination practices force you to listen to your own voice. To understand your fears to come up with solutions to your problems.

5. What has your experience been when reading cards for other people? 

Reading for other people is an out of body experience every time. It’s like for a moment I am looking at a landscape of someone’s life. And it’s beautiful and scary and poetry and healing. When I say something and it resonates with them it often finds a way to resonate with me. It’s such a fulfilling cycle.
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6. Which myths and misconceptions have you encountered when people ask about tarot cards?

I think the most common misconception is that tarot is fortune telling. I mean I get why a lot of people might think this is true. Thanks to telemundos and movies and stuff. But the practice of tarot runs deeper than that. I think it is a road map. It is a confirmation sometimes, a warning sometimes, comfort and possible solution. But nothing is set in stone because we have the ability to think for ourselves and move for ourselves.

7. Is reading tarot cards a fulfilling skill for the reader? Any experiences you’d like to share?

Oh my God yes!!!

Reading tarot has to be the most fulfilling work I have ever gotten the opportunity to do. The first time I read for my best friend has to be the most life changing experience of my life. We talked and I could see in his eyes the deep knowing. The knowing that you cannot learn from anyone but your higher self. We definitely became closer after that reading and honestly… That’s when I knew this was in my divine path.

8. Why are persons who request for a reading not required to ask direct questions such as when something will happen?

You can totally ask… And spirit might be given clues. But the thing is we are all given the gift of choice. So nothing is ever set in stone. Sometimes the message can be as simple and direct as: you will have an answer in the next few weeks. It only seems ambiguous and unsatisfactory if you are working from the ego. If you’re still at a state where surrender is not natural to you.

9. How do you help people coming for a reading to analyze the clues from the cards?

When a client comes to me with a particular issue. We look at what the stars have to say about it. Astrology is one of the wonderful ways to figure out what energies are directly influencing us at a certain point. Once that is established I invite my client to unravel the issue slowly with intention to solve it. This is when we will shuffle some cards and look for added messages. I like my clients to use their intuition and listen to the voice within them. And so we take the time to go through the cards as a story and clarify it as much as possible.

10. Where can people find your work and contact you?


If you are looking for my work as a tarot reader you can email me and book a reading a week in advance or message me directly on instagram @huesofgaia_


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