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Grill Shack – Westlands, Nairobi

Grill shack is one of the gems that stand out at the Westgate Mall know for its amazing burgers and retro ambiance. You get to appreciate the red tables, the fries served on chopping board and the burgers, I already said that? Well they are that good. You could have this as an option for Valentine’s Day this weekend.


The spot we tried was at the Westgate Mall. To get there take a matatu for Odeon just next to smoothers. It’s about 50 bob on weekends then alight at delta. Cross to the other side and from then it’s a nice 10 minute walk to Mwanzi Road. You could take a bike but it’s a nice walk. If you get lost the people are friendly just ask for directions. To make life easier you can take an Uber that will cost you about 250 bob from the CBD.

What else can you do at Westgate?

If you can, go watch a movie at the cinema before you eat. It’s about 700 bob. Remember to carry your 3D glasses to save some coins. You can go grab a bite at the Grill Shack after.

Grill Shack Ke is located on the ground floor. The most enjoyable aspect of the restaurant is that it wasn’t overly packed when we stopped by. Restaurant that get too packed can feel a bit suffocating and make you feel self conscious.

Picture by Glynis Maina

The service was great, there’s someone constantly asking what you need, they don’t allow you to seat at a table that isn’t clean (and this was before Covid-19) and are open to inquiries without making you feel like you’re wasting their time. In the course of our dinner we had three different people cater to us and make sure we’re fine.

Let’s talk food!

Please have a burger. I mean its know for burgers, and you’ll enjoy this, a lot. The best part about the experience is the burger. Unless you’re not a burger person. I had the BBQ Chicken burger and fries.

Being in a restaurant where everyone is there for the burgers and no one cares about a salad and calories is something. The fries were alright. A bit too crunchy but maybe the chef was having a bad day. All is forgiven.

Grill Shack Westlands, Nairobi
Picture by Glynis Maina
Need a drink?

There options for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. First option, a glass of white sweet wine came in a jam jar glass. Second option, a ginger passion juice is a fruity gingery combo that’s a whole 500ml and way cheaper than the wine. It has a sweet a sour zing to it that you’ll love. Explore the menu for more options.

Picture by Glynis Maina

BBQ Chicken burger Ksh. 790
Glass of wine Ksh. 580
Ginger passion Ksh. 400

Want to order food to you?

In case you’d like to order in they offer free delivery & their contact is 0700323323 I haven’t tried to order in yet but if you do let me know in the comments below.

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Love Glynis

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